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Martyna Fon Zvegelj


I am a self-taught artist living in Poland and in Slovenia. I paint with a technique of mixed media, in which I compose my own colours from a wide variety of high-quality pigments. I construct my artwork using overlapping layers that create an optically-multifaceted depth which can be perceived through the eyes of the observer at many different levels. I invoke my feminine consciousness through the use of bright colour pastels which enhance the dynamic and powerful aspects of my artwork.

It is a gift to be aware of the privilege of being alive - and to be a creative and thinking individual. All of my paintings embody the awe and gratitude that I feel for this divine gift.

If my art catches your eye, makes you smile or ponder upon its meaning, then I will have achieved my goal. I try to express the brilliant, omnipresent light of LIFE, through strong, bright and contrasting colours, which I consider a rich source of vibrational frequencies and energy. I paint with colors and forms to open the doors of joy and healing. My intention is to inspire your soul - to lift your spirit, if only for a brief moment - and thereby connecting your dreams with my own. Art is a portal that invites us to see the divine of others within ourselves.
Creativity is something I have been fortunate enough to enjoy, in one form or another, most of my life. 

Most importantly, it's when my gift touches someone else's soul that brings me the greatest joy of all. It's all about vibrations and unblocking psychic energy. Through art I get to know who I am, it is like awakening an inner force.  A reconnection.

For me, painting serves as the ideal platform to interpret both the internal and external aspects of my life experiences. Creating art is a leisurely activity which allows me to contemplate. 
I am part of a greater whole. We can't pretend that we know everything about the way life works or what it has to offer us; the world abounds with endless possibilities. And every day is the beginning of an eternal continuum of never-ending beginnings - if we only choose to see the world with fresh eyes and venture forth with open hearts and pure intentions. The path to self-discovery is never an easy one, but the rewards are immeasurable. In a society that fills our minds with graphic images and expectations of what we should become, what we should value, and how we should spend our time, it requires enormous strength and resilience of character to turn our gaze inward on a continual basis, to tune into the unique melody that resonates deep within our spirits and has the potential to guide us towards our own calling and true happiness. I work with possibilities instead of absolutes, and seek to create connections between seemingly disparate objects, entities and concepts. No work of mine replicates itself, because I always follow my imagination which travels beyond conventions and the restraints of everyday life. I allow my art to be created. It is like a flow.
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