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"Martyna - BEAUTIFUL! The arrangement of colors, and her expression is so fantastic! I agree with the other comment to ~ it has a 70's feel! and to me .. those where some of my best years...Congrats on a fantastic portrait and your creative side really is expressed beautifully in this painting" Chrisann
"I love this faraway colorful yet contemplative..your incorporation of design is exciting..." Barbara Leavitt
"Expecting... Again a wonderful pastel portrait Martyna!!! I adore your pastel works very much. The are so full of life. The facialexpression magnificent. The eyes stunning with the dark blue parts in it. The yellow light in her face wonderful... Sweet and cute little child... Greetings" Robert Doesburg
"Very bright and cheerful. I really enjoy cause it makes me happy. Very good." Mel
"Really appeals to me. The vibrant colours and the very interesting composition are fantastic!" Sally Ford
"Wonderful, vibrant and eye catching paintings. Good colour cobination, very well executed. Congratulations!" Antionette du Bruyn
"Excellent tones and you have captured her soul with those lovely deep blue eyes... well done... i love it..." Jane Stewart
"So strong and eye catching art! Martyna you do exellent work!" Maria Adamus
"Podziwiam to, w jaki sposob przetwarzasz ENERGIE... jak sie nia bawisz, w jaki sposob wyrazasz ZAUFANIE do WSZECHSWIATA... PODZIWIAM... with L&L" Izabella Demozzi

That´s really incredible! Those eyes.... looking at me, wondering, requesting, asking... it´s just great, a huge portrait, the whole expression is of an absolute innocence, yellow is fundamental... is the light which illuminates this child face, his deep dark black eyes... faboulous, a great work, love it, congratulations" Maria Aratun
"Love the expression Martyna!... the way you do the eyes is stunning... and the purenes of the background... positive radiation..." Christian Grubkov
"Fantastic portrait - his eyes really draw the viewer in - and I love your unusual colors. Great work!" Rene Ury
"Strong portrait, as your others i see here below... very nice work" Lydia Cionte
"What can I say? You´re touching my heart..what a wonderful african boy, you´ve reflected all his fears, all his dreams... perfect eyes and expression of his mouth...sorrow? maybe... heartache? maybe... misery? ... maybe... great portrait, what it comes to my mind : "there is always a hope little boy, never give up".... congratulations a great pieces." Maria Aratun
"Beautiful portrait Martyna, the pastel work is outstanding! You have indeed captured a very beautiful essence in this one!" Belinda Davis
"Gosh I love your work. What a gorgeous girl. You have captured her beautifully. I love your colours and technique. Simply stunning." Lisa
"Stunning portrait. I am hypnotised by those eyes! Master pastel work...must go and discover your others now!" Margaret
"Speechless, spot on, full of exspession, I'm impressed!!!" Mark Fitzgerald

"Kosmiczna i ogromnie energetyczna praca" Ewa Filipkowska
"Peaceful knowing colors !!!" Nels Sterling Bentson

"hello! i am a twenty-year-old girl living in south korea and i am amateur painter who is preparing to apply to art collge. i found your paintings that an african girl has strong impression by chance searching \"portrait\" in google. i was cannot help clicking your painting as soon as i found it! i think your paintings are amazing and cause equally a purity and an intensity from the bottom of my heart. (especially the \'eyes\' in your figure paintings are wonderful! it caught my eye) though i am not a professional, i think your paintings are the best. thank you for such a beautiful paintings. it made me decide to study fine arts." Kum Na, Park
"Absolutely beautiful! I love everything about this portrait, it is stunning!" Suset Maakal

"Martyna this is superb!!! I love the colours and the texture!" Veena
"This girl is so beautiful and then the pastels is fantastic. I always admired artists that can use pastels with excellence and you surely can!" Chrisann
"Excellent Martyna" Jim Timmons
"Super!!! Excellent diptych Martyna. Play... Yes you play wirh colours and shapes. The floating forms are so great! Strong and transparent too. I work with this style too... I call the style "rondellen"... A joy of the eye this happy colours. Excellent done. Greetings" Robert Doesburg
"STUNNING I really love the transparent look .. depth and the arrangement of colors you used! Plus the movement and the creativity you did with this... You truly did a fantastic job with it all! I can't wait to see the next creative piece of art from you... so nice to met you to" Chrisann
"Martina, my Polish Friend. I've been looking your site and I loved every sigle piece of yours but chose this little child with this look, because Purity is one of the most blessed aspects of our lives. I love pure hearts, pure souls, pure friendships." Isaura
"Stunning work, Martyna. There are a lot of very beautiful portraits in your gallery. I´m glad I´ve found your site. Best wishes." Lilaviolet
"The colours and shapes are beautiful Martyna! I could look at this for ages with all its layers and depth (changing all the time). I bet seeing the original is amazing!" Eamonn O HAilpin
"Colours of life" Marcelo Román Pillado

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