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ART WORK 2012/2017
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This genre of art, both colorful and embraceable, has something to do with the democratic impulse - the intrinsic desire to share, readily and freely, to see beyond duality and recognize the divine spark in another person, regardless of their age, status or raceā€¦

Yes, the face. Everything tends to revolve around the face in portraiture. It is the place towards which the eye naturally navigates in order to understand the complex nature of what it is to be human. When we see a face, and the eyes at the centre of that face, and all that reassuring symmetry, we breathe a quiet sigh of contentment. The face is the pole star by which our heart and intellect naturally steer.
When I paint a person (either from a photograph or in person), I don't try to replicate every physical detail. Instead, I attempt to capture the quintessential nature of my subject - that part which tells a story, or in some way engages the viewer's imagination.

It is not a coincidence that my abundant love for all people of this world fuels my passion for painting portraits. I strive to convey in my artwork a fusion of my intrinsic feelings for each subject with an intuitive use of color. I intensify the colours in a celebration of that person's being. I hope my portraits reveal the interconnectedness of every person of every race and every culture on this planet and that the astonishing beauty of my subject's intrinsic nature radiates from the confines of the canvas.
I love portraying people, both children and adults. The process of discovering the unique aspect of my subject is truly exhilarating. This aspect of my work is of paramount importance to me - because a well-painted portrait serves as a window to the soul of that individual. It is the essence of a person, suspended in time - to cherish!

Martyna Fon Zvegelj
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