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Inspire Your Creative Brain Via Visual Arts!

There is a whole other world out there - a world of different shapes, colours and textures - all sorts of visual playfulness and exploration - awaits the would-be creative individual. I'm constantly surprised at what I can do if I keep my mind open to possibilities.

We are such creative beings. I needed to convince to myself of my creative potential, so I began to collect ideas for activities that would jog them out of routine thinking patterns. Some time ago, I began to play more - using different methods, different tools, and unorthodox colour mixing.

The creative spirit always evolves with other challenges and interesting experiences just down the road. I have experienced creative flow, as well as the "aha" moment, many times. I've noticed that both are more likely to occur when my mind is relatively free from stress or activity, so I find I need to consciously put myself into a frame of mind where I let go of daily concerns, relax and allow, to see what happens.

My paintings relate directly to my emotions. Experiences aren't things to be copied from reality. I paint to solve the answer to the following question: "If emotions and our feelings were solid objects, how would they appear?" And therefore, my paintings are my impressions of how the invisible might look.

I believe that the visual realm exists beyond the reach of language. Color communicates. And as a colourist, I am interested in the mental and visceral energy and reactions that are possible to gain from the various hues and their interactions with one other. Our psyche responds to various hues and their color combinations with emotional
responses, based on our individual life experiences and backgrounds. Life offers limitless possibilities of experiences when we allow ourselves to open our eyes and truly see. A multitude of ideas are infused into my work, but they are kept as fluid as possible to allow for the viewer's own personal, subjective interpretation.

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