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'What strengthens me is that painting is not a strange hobby. It is a fundamental human activity - despite all the errors, painting can in principle make manifest our best most human and humane qualities' Gerhard Richter

A passionate artist whose work comes alive with creative freedom, Martyna Fon Zvegelj produces paintings of strong chromatic impact with fluid gestures and vibrant explosions of colour on canvas. The brisk, broad strokes and intense colors are all tangible expressions of the pulses that surge through the artist's soul. Martyna is inspired by existential reflections and recollections that emerge from the depths of her spirit. This inspiration results in an original, abstract pictorial language that resounds with a deep chromatic and emotional intensity.
A powerful, rhythmic force seems to direct her art. The colours, natural gestures and harmonious compositions reveal a perceptible rhythm that flows onto the canvas. A vivid imagination and an innate creativity guides the artist's hand. Martyna's canvases convey a distinct force. The radiant colours and unique blend of forms and textures, infuse the canvas with a positive, magnetic vigor.

The multihued designs create free, lively and fresh compositions in which colours and pictorial dialogue evoke a unity of emotions and memories.

Another feature of Martyna Fon Zvegelj's work that engages the viewer is the deep, vibrating charge that transcends the canvas' physical limits, encompassing, not only the artist's internal dimensions, but also the viewer's. Spectators are invited to immerse themselves and abandon preconceived notions in order to discover their own inner thoughts and deepest feelings. Martyna's paintings thereby become a true ode to the love of life, emanating an intense and enthralling positivity, which reflects back to resonate with the soul of the viewer.

Her artwork is inspired by themes of vitality, movement, multiplicity and change, bound together by a reverence and appreciation for the ubiquitous unknown. She seeks to evoke a sense of joy and wonder through her artwork, in the belief that visual harmony creates a healing impact upon the viewer, which can then spiral outward to positively affect all aspects of a person's life.

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